We are proud to offer a wide range of vegan friendly dishes…

Dine in or Takeaway


Vegan Big Breakfast

Toasted Ciabatta with vegan pesto, two grilled tomatoes, baked beans, mushroom, spinach, hash brown, avocado, kalamata olives and grilled pumpkin – 23

Smashed Avocado

Smashed avocado, roast pumpkin, fresh tomato, onion & parsley salsa with dressed rocket on toasted ciabatta -13

Mushroom Bruschetta

Toasted ciabatta with vegan basil pesto, loaded with grilled mushrooms, freshly grilled cherry tomatoes and dressed rocket -13

Vegan Sandwich with Chips

Toasted ciabatta with vegan mayo, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, tomato, grilled mushroom, pumpkin and capsicum – 18

Crispy Vegan Schnitzel Deluxe Sandwich with Chips

Crispy schnitzel with vegan aioli coleslaw, avocado & tomato relish on ciabatta – 20

Vegan Flat Grilled & Salad

Vegan basil pesto on tortilla with pumpkin, tomato, vegan cheese, and mixed salad – 18

Vegan Power Bowl

Brown rice and quinoa, vegan schnitzel, avocado, cherry tomato, hummus, sweet potato, pumpkin seeds and lemon wedges topped with dressed rocket – 22 

Vegan Parmigiana Schnitzel

Schnitzel topped with tomato and vegan cheese served with coleslaw and chips – 22

Vegan Nachos

Corn chips topped with vegan cheese, guacamole, mild tomato salsa and coconut yoghurt – 20

Vegan Pizza

Napoli sauce base topped with spinach, onion, pumpkin, caramelised onion, roasted macadamias with vegan cheese – 20

Vegan Risotto

Risotto with roast pumpkin spinach, garlic, onion, olives, vegan cheese and Napoli sauce – 22

Potato Wedges

Crispy potato wedges with vegan aioli and sweet chilli sauce – 13

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