EATS Social Enterprise: Peru – An update

We have been working hard to provide educational resources to children in remote Peru as well as seeds, farming equipment, bulk food and blankets to communities. See our latest update video below:

Check out some of the photos from the trip…

What’s next?

We will continue to look for new locations to expand the business in Australia so we are better able to fund bigger projects and create more impact. We will also look for corporate sponsorship to increase our budget on our educational resources, sustainable farming and microfinancing for small business.

Currently, we are also working on our first microfinance business, with our Chief Operations Officer, Gustavo, on the job in Peru making sure everything gets off the ground and heads in the right direction. We are working with an older gent, Niko, who is extremely talented but could not secure a job because of his age and despite his best efforts to start his own business he couldn’t accept orders as he had to pre-pay suppliers.

Niko was forced to sleep in a tin shed with a dirt floor and work on an extremely slow computer. Now, Niko has his own office/shop, modern equipment to work on and attached to it is a small apartment for him to rest in comfort and be at his best. We will help him launch his business soon to offer design and printing to Lima, Peru. Stay tuned for updates on social media @eats.1989

If you’re wondering how you can help, well, let’s meet at EATS!

Stay tuned also for the launch of our online store – because for those who want to help us but are too far away you can now buy our travel-friendly goodies!

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