Introduction to Hospitality Course (13yrs+)


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Course Content – Introduction to Hospitality:

  • How to contribute to and work in the team environment
  • How to operate, maintain and clean machinery in a hospitality space
  • How to successfully complete a trial, communication and interview skills
  • How to get more shift & remain employable
  • The best introduction to life skills you’ll ever get.

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If you’re wanting to start or change into a career in hospitality it can be a little daunting. So, we have created this course (for people from 13 years old and older) which provides a 2 hr lesson in a real world hospitality environment that introduces you to exactly what can be expected from you in any introductory role in hospitality. Why? Because when you get to your trial or interview and the manager can see you have confidence to help and you already know how to help, well it is a slam dunk.

The course will cover:

  • A behind the scenes tour of a real world hospitality environment
  • How to most efficiently and effectively operate the dishwasher, check cleaning fluids, do the dishes (there is a specific commercial technique, not like home), and clean and close the machine at end of day
  • How to clean around and support chefs during busy periods
  • How to clean around and support bar staff/baristas during busy periods
  • How to do fridge and freezer checks for food safety
  • How to keep yourself busy
  • How to communicate with other staff and wow the owner/manager
  • How to dress to impress
  • How to be helpful and confident on your trial/interview
  • How to ask for feedback and more shifts
  • How to go above and beyond for your team

This course is a great step into a hospitality career and is ideal for applying for a job in a busy environment. Consider also doing our Barista training and/or Kitchen Hand/Cook Course to ensure you get as many shifts as you want from open to close, even when it is quiet.

This course is not yet registered by National Qualification Framework but will cover everything you need to know and more.

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