We are honoured and humbled by all of our customer and staff support to get to where we are. We celebrate you all!

Together, we have built EATS up into a position where we are now able to focus on helping those who need it most. While we wish we could reach all corners of the world NOW we are starting with the contacts we have and can create at this stage.

Born on the Sunshine Coast we are empowering people out of generational poverty by gifting business partnerships to those who would otherwise not have access to the resources needed to start their own business. These people are hard workers, competent workers and more than capable of running a successful business, they just don’t have the resources (money) to get going. We believe to break the chains of generational poverty we need to break them as early as possible, why wait until someone saves their whole life to invest in a business (if they can), give it to them now so they have their wholes lives to thrive and help others.

We have a history with South America having done projects for vulnerable communities before. Now, because of COVID, things are even harder for people to survive and have their basic needs met.

It is extremely dire, it is life and death, meal to meal. Luckily, here in Australia, not as many experience this. We are blessed to have support for most who need it and education and jobs for most who want it. We are the lucky country, the Australian Dream.

Our first restaurant outside of Australia is currently under construction in Lima, Peru to serve the public our Australian menu. We are building a fun, engaging environment while supporting those who have everything they needs to be successful, except the money to make it happen. We find this unfair. So we are creating the perfect balance between emergency help and long term help through education, empowerment AND food/housing aid.

EATS PERU – launching soon – is a replica of EATS in Australia. We have replicated the menu as well as bringing the Sunshine Coast vibe to Lima. All locations will provide assistance to those we work with to give free food and shelter as well as a wage so they can completely focus on taking themselves towards success.



We donate meals to those who are facing some of the most challenging times of their life. We help people survive so they can later thrive. More meals sold at our EATS stores = more people helped. It is simple yet effective.


We are working to offer the opportunity for those in Australia and Lima, Peru (coming soon online and to more cities in South America) to gain education and referenced work experience through our free Certificate in Hospitality and Commercial Cookery. This gives them the opportunity to more easily create a successful small business (which we can finance), become a successful cook and manager in someone else’s business or start their own EATS with us.


Our restaurants in Australia and South America serve everyday classics at an accessible price for every day people. They also provide a platform to empower people for long term self sustainability.



It starts with everyday people like you. When you buy a meal we create impact that lasts generations.


We want to sell more meals. You can help us do that by helping us grow. We are seeking investors to open more restaurants and/or partners to manage the restaurant/s. Get in touch with our CEO by emailing ceo@eats.restaurant

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